You want to be creative this time and craft your tiny outdoor spaces into something captivating. But you’re unable to take the first step because you’ll have to take care of both; prettiness and comfortability at the same time.

But since today’s blog post is overflowing with creative ideas for turning your small garden and outdoor space into something magnificent, there’s nothing to worry about.

For instance, the outdoor design ideas revolve around decoration with plants, benches, lights, tents, etc.

Ready? Let’s start…



Best Small Garden and Outdoor Design Ideas


Use Potted Plants

Potted plants are an attractive yet elegant way of crafting and decorating your garden design or outdoor space. Even if your home lacks a garden, the little outdoor spaces will present amazing green scenery If decorated with potted plants.




But what are the best plant species to be used as potted plants? Hmm. Sounds confusing? But it isn’t.

As the above image shows, you can use a wide range of potted plants such as Amaryllis, African Violet, Angel Wing, and so on. However, the attractive Amaryllis makes a great combination with Beach Spider Lily, Bird of Paradise, and Blushing Bromeliad.

But it doesn’t mean we’re restricting you. Be creative and create a design of your own!




Design a Solo Bench


Don’t have enough room in your outdoor or garden to set up a whole dining table for the entire family? No issue. It’s great to find a suitable spot and design a solo bench. It won’t consume a lot of space and can be easily adjusted near any wall of your home.

You can either buy a solo bench or simply make it at home. I’ve seen people get highly creative and use large rocks with a piece of wood (as a shelf) as a solo bench. Or it could be crafted out of wood completely.

Either way, you can use potted plants or other decoration pieces along with a solo bench to make it look even more attractive, giving a pretty look to your outdoor or garden.




Fill Up The Extra Space With DIY Flower Boxes


DIY flower boxes are just a highly effective and modern way of utilizing little outdoor and garden spaces all-around your home. They can be of different colors, sizes and can be even hung near a window, consuming even lesser space.

If I talk about myself, my entire home is filled with artificial plants enclosed in DIY flower boxes. They present a soothing scene. After decorating them with small lights, they look even more attractive at night when those colorful lights are switched on.

Just like before, I’d advise you to be creative and get in contact with a carpenter to craft some amazing DIY flower pieces for your home. Besides the flowers, you can use extra pieces of woods to make shelves and place some decoration pieces or something else.




Hang up Outdoor String Lights


Another highly attractive way to decorate your garden or outdoor is by hanging outdoor string lights. These lights come in different sizes, shapes and with different efficiencies to suit your taste and to make a fit with the design of your garden or outdoor.

You can hang these outdoor lights up on a dining table or sitting place to best enjoy the night at your home. Do you know the best part about them? They don’t cost as much as other outdoor decorating pieces would do.

In fact, they start from £10 and may go up to £100 according to their string length and bulbs. Besides being easy on your pocket, the string lights can be a substitute for the traditional outdoor lights you may be using.



Use Outdoor Umbrella




Whether if you live in a rainy climate or a sunny one, an outdoor umbrella is going to be a great fit for your tiny garden. I understand not all people want permanent roofs in their gardens to prevent the dangerous sun rays or rain; that’s where an outdoor umbrella comes in. You can comfortably fold or open the umbrella according to the environment.

These outdoor umbrellas, making a great fit for your outdoor dining table, are also known as patio umbrellas. These come in different varieties and hence, cost accordingly. However, a general patio umbrella of average quality may cost you something between £50 and £100, making it a great substitute for permanent and other roofs.



Bring in an Egg Swing Chair

I won’t believe it if you haven’t heard of Egg Swing Chairs or haven’t seen one. They are a great means of sitting and enjoying your book reading, social media scrolling, or something similar. Gone are the days when such swings belonged to kids only. Nowadays, even adults don’t seem to live without these simple swings.




However, an egg swing chair might be a great addition to your tiny outdoor spaces or backyard. Yes, you can also place them in your drawing-room. When it comes to the pricing, their rates vary from company to company. But in general, Swing chairs cost between £50 and £150.

Before you buy an egg swing chair, make sure to test its stand. Some mediocre companies have failed to build such a strong stand that could bear the weight of an adult. If buying online, don’t, without getting through the official customer reviews. Good luck!



Glamping Tents Look Amazing

Though not very easy on your pocket, glamping tents are said to be one of the most attractive places in a garden. It’s not only a perfect match for kids to play, but a full-size tent gives your family enough room to fit in and enjoy. You can either use it for dining, sitting, or something similar.




Just like other products in the market, there’s a variety of glamping tents recommended for different purposes. You can choose one according to the place your garden has. Generally, their pricing ranges from £300 to £1000 per month.

Not just the dimensions, their price difference is because of the quality of material as well. In my opinion, you should opt-in for a cotton canvas as it makes the inside cool, a fit for hot places.



Decorate Garden Wall

Hey, did you know you could do something creative with your simple garden wall to make it look highly attractive? If not, do consider this idea, especially if you’re having the problem of being short of space.

Garden walls can serve a variety of different purposes, like holding DIY products to give a spectacular look to your yard. You could hang in sculptures of wood or metal, plastic decoration pieces, or stone baubles. Not to mention the skillfully crafted wood designs, dragonfly garden plaque set, or something similar. Furthermore, you could use your garden wall to hang in flowerpots or to grow creepers.




Put a Variety of Seats




As human beings, we spend a huge time of our day sitting down on chairs, beds, sofas, etc. Once you’ve made your outdoor look irresistible, how could you forget to put in seats there?

As a basic need, chairs come in a wide variety. They’re made up of wood, iron, stone, plastic, etc. Plus, there are hundreds – if not thousands – of designs of outdoor chairs. In my opinion, you should use a color or design matching with other garden items while buying or crafting chairs.



Wrapping It Up

Since it is challenging to fit in attractive items in your small outdoor and garden as you have to maintain a balance between comfortability and prettiness, people often get consumed and are unable to make a decision.

That’s how I started conducting research and came up with various ideas to make your small outdoor spaces and garden look beautiful.

I hope you loved this guide. If you really did, make sure to share it with your friends and family.

Before you disappear, let me ask one question; which idea inspired you the most?